Septembre 2018 — Modèles de Calcul et Complexité

« Quantum control flow » par B. Valiron (LRI)
« Natural computing models of unusual complexity » par A.E. Porreca (LIS)
« Computability in closure spaces » par E. Jeandel (LORIA)

Orateur : Benoit Valiron (, CentralSupelec, LRI
Titre : Quantum control flow
Résumé : One perspective on quantum algorithms is that they are classical algorithms having access to a special kind of memory with exotic properties. This perspective suggests that, even in the case of quantum algorithms, the control flow notions of sequencing, conditionals, loops, and recursion are entirely classical. There is however, another notion of control flow, that is itself quantum. The notion of quantum conditional expression is reasonably well-understood: the execution of the two expressions becomes itself a superposition of executions. The quantum counterpart of loops and recursion is however not believed to be meaningful in its most general form. In this talk, using a detour through reversible computing we discuss how a reasonable notion of quantum loops and recursion is indeed possible.

Orateur : A.E. Porreca, LIS
Titre : Natural computing models of unusual complexity

Orateur : E. Jeandel, LORIA
Titre : Computability in closure spaces